Our ourt approved DNA tests can be used for many different purposes from court cases involving family matters like child support or visitation, to change a name or birth certificate, or to obtain social security benefits. To be a court admissible test, the AABB (previously the American Association of Blood Banks) requires that the sample collection be witnessed by a neutral third party with no interest in the outcome of the test. Furthermore, photographic proof of identity is required to be submitted with the test to verify the identity of the persons submitting the samples.

We Offer (3) DNA Collection Options for Our Legal DNA Tests:

1. At Home Legal Paternity Test Using Your Witness
2. At Home Legal Paternity Test Using Our Mobile DNA Collectors
3. Legal Paternity Test performed At One Of DNA Centers

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As an alternative to using your own witness for a self-collected legal test, we also offer professional collection services. If you prefer, or have a situation where the test participants may not get along with one another or cannot agree upon a neutral witness, then a professional collection would most likely be the best option. Additionally, if the parties do not live in the same local area, separate DNA collections may need to take place. In cases like these, professional collection is often preferred over each party using their own witness. Using our witnessing services is highly suggested in instances where everyone does not live in the same area. We strive to offer different collection options to provide your legal DNA paternity testing service at cheap prices.